Certificate Requirements

The Markets & Management program is based on a rigorous and comprehensive core curriculum. Courses are interdisciplinary in content and the structure of the core curriculum covers multiple levels of analysis, ranging from the global to the local, and from institutions to individuals.

Requirements: 7 Courses

  • MMS 450—Markets & Management (Capstone course to be taken in the senior year)
  • 2 Core Courses
  • 4 Elective Courses

For your course selection:

  • You may use additional core courses to fulfill elective requirement
  • A minimum of 3 M&M courses must be taken by the end of the junior year, and 1 of these must be a core course
  • No more than 3 courses may originate in a single area (Example: MMS, SOC, ECO)
  • No more than 2 courses that are used to satisfy the requirements of any major, minor, or other certificate program can count toward the Markets & Management Studies certificate.


Required Capstone Course

MMS 450—Markets & Management (to be taken in the senior year)

Core Courses (choose two)

SOCIOL 342D—Organizations & Global Competitiveness
SOCIOL 344—Technology & Org. Environments
SOCIOL 345—Nations, Regions, & the Global Economy
SOCIOL 355—Organizations and Management
SOCIOL 358—Markets & Marketing
SOCIOL 359—Sociology of Entrepreneurship
PUBPOL 265—Enterprising Leadership
PUBPOL 271S—Social Entrepreneurship in Action

Elective Courses (choose four)


Art History

ARTHIST 220—Museum Theory and Practice
ARTHIST 231—History of Art Markets
ARTHIST 508S—Arts & Markets

Biomedical Engineering

BME 385—Introduction to Business in Technology-based Companies

Cultural Anthropology

CULANTH 170—Advertising and Society: Global Perspective (DS4)
CULANTH 170D—Advertising and Society: Global Perspective (DS4)
CULANTH 210—Global Culture
CULANTH 272S—Advertising and Masculinity
CULANTH 425—Globalization and Anti-Globalization


ECON 174—Financial Accounting
ECON 271—Basic Finance and Investments
ECON 274—Advanced Financial and Managerial Accounting
ECON281A—Building and Sustaining a Successful Enterprise
ECON 343—The Contemporary Art Market
ECON 350S—Ethics in Professions: Scientific, Personal and Organizational Frameworks
ECON 355—International Trade
ECON 368—Behavioral Finance: A Taxonomy of Money Mistakes
ECON 372—Intermediate Finance
ECON 373—Corporate Finance
ECON 464—Competitive Strategy and Industrial Organization
ECON 471—Financial Markets and Investment


ENGLISH 490S—Special Topics in Language and Literature

Study of Ethics

ETHICS 280—Taboo Markets
ETHICS 301S—Business and Human Rights Advocacy Lab
ETHICS 555S—The Politics of Market Competition in a Global Economy


FRENCH 321S—Business and Culture in the Francophone World
FRENCH 328SA—Marketing Quebec: Policy, Marketing, and Identity

Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies

GSF 221—Women at Work: Gendered Experience of Corporate Life
GSF 361—Money, Sex, Power


GERMAN 402S—German Business/Global Context


HISTORY 107D—Introduction to the History of Economic and Business Cultures
HISTORY 227—The Emergence of Modern Japan
HISTORY 307—History of Economic Thought
HISTORY 364D—American Business History

Markets & Management

MMS 116FS—Freedom to and Freedom From Tensions in the Business Arena
MMS 190FS—Special Topics in Markets and Managements
MMS 195FS—Freedom and the Market
MMS 210—Managerial Effectiveness
MMS 220—Marketing Management
MMS 250—Integrated Marketing Communications
MMS 260—Selling of College Athletics "Shaping the Image of the World of College Athletics"
MMS 272—Marketing Across Borders, Cultures and Demographics
MMS 275—Business of Sport: A Comprehensive Look at a Powerhouse Global Industry
MMS 285—Strategy, Innovation, and the Marketplace
MMS 305—The Generative Way
MMS 360—Entrepreneurial Opportunities and Finance
MMS 365—Strategic Financial Management
MMS 370—Managerial Finance
MMS 375K—International Management in China
MMS 380—Entrepreneurial Marketing
MMS 380K—Entrepreneurial Marketing
MMS 390—Special Topics in Markets and Management Studies
MMS 390A—Duke-Administered Study Abroad: Adv. Special Topics in Markets and Management Studies
MMS 390S—Special Topics in Markets and Management Studies
MMS 395—New Ventures 2: Strategy and Development
MMS 396—New Ventures 3: Operating Plan
MMS 425—Intellectual Property and Innovation: Law, Policy & Entrepreneurship 
MMS 490—Special Topics in Markets and Management Studies
MMS 490S—Special Topics Seminar in Markets and Management Studies


PHIL 270—Business Ethics: The Debate Over Corporate Social Responsibility

Political Science

POLSCI 145—Introduction to Political Economy
POLSCI 250—The Politics of International Economic Relations: America in the World Economy
POLSCI 255—America in the World Economy: The Law, Politics, and Economics of U.S. Antitrust, 1890-2015
POLSCI 315S—Political Economy of Financial Crises
POLSCI 321—International Law and International Institutions
POLSCI 346—Business, Politics, and Economic Growth
POLSCI 347—Globalization and Domestic Politics
POLSCI 348—Global Environmental Politics
POLSCI 349—The Political Economy of Latin America
POLSCI 350—International Political Economy
POLSCI 368—Wealth and Poverty of Nations: Prosperity and Distribution in the Long Run
POLSCI 555S—Politics of Market Competition in a Global Economy
POLSCI 645S—Political Economic Growth, Stabilization and Distribution
POLSCI 650S—Political Economy of International Relations


PSY 425—The Psychology of Consumers (C,S)
PSY 426—Social Psychology of Business (S)

Public Policy Studies

PUBPOL 256—Social Innovation
PUBPOL 265—Enterprising Leadership
PUBPOL 267—Leading as a Social Entrepreneur
PUBPOL 271S—Social Entrepreneurship in Action
PUBPOL 373—Intellectual Property: Law, Policy, and Practice


RUSSIAN 350—Eastern Europe in Transition: Markets, Media, and the Mafia


SOCIOL 210—Comparative Sociology: Selected Areas
SOCIOL 226—The Challenges of Development
SOCIOL 229—Gender, Work, and Organizations
SOCIOL 341—The United States and the Asia Pacific Region
SOCIOL 342D—Organizations and Global Competitiveness
SOCIOL 344—Technology and Organizational Environments
SOCIOL 345—Nations, Regions, and the Global Economy

SOCIOL 347--Managing Networks
SOCIOL 354—Getting Rich: Financial Markets, Household Finance, and Wealth
SOCIOL 355—Organizations and Management
SOCIOL 357—Organizations and Management in Global Capital Markets: An Ethical Perspective
SOCIOL 358—Markets and Marketing
SOCIOL 359—The Sociology of Entrepreneurship
SOCIOL 365—Business Behaviors
SOCIOL 366—Politics and Markets in the Global Economy

Theater Studies

THEATRST 217SA—The Economics of Art (The Chicago Scene)
THEATRST 316SA—stARTup Project

Women's Studies

See Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies above