Still Need MMS Courses for Fall? Find Available Courses!

Thursday, July 27, 2017
Still Need MMS Courses for Fall? Find Available Courses!

The Markets and Management Studies Certificate Program is the largest certificate program at Duke. This means many of our courses fill up quickly, leaving students wondering what to take. If you are still looking for more MMS courses for the fall, here are are a couple MMS electives and core courses that still have seats available!

SOC 345 Nations, Regions, and the Global Economy

The changing configuration of global capitalism, with emphasis on comparing global regions of North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. The internal dynamics of these regions, including the development strategies of selected nations, interregional comparisons (for example, regional divisions of labor, state-society relationships, the nature of their business systems, quality of life issues). Research paper required.

MMS 365 Strategic Financial Management

Strategic financial issues confronting the firm. Basic problems of strategic direction for the firm with respect to external competitive environment and management of internal strategy processes. Tools and ideas to manage formulation and implementation of strategic choices for the firm. Study of firm’s strategic position relative to rivals, the larger industry, and the customer. Prerequisite: MMS370 and ECON271 or ECON373 or consent of instructor. One course.

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