Chelsea Wezensky

Class: 2014
Major: Computer Science, minor in Russian
After Graduation: Technical Project Management at Epic in Madison, Wisconsin

How did Markets & Management help shape your professional success?

Markets and Management was really helpful from a managerial perspective. I manage a variety of people, and have had to draw on an understanding of what drives people, how best to frame feedback, and setting the overall vision for the group. In particular, the capstone class that included a business simulation was particularly helpful in practicing how to divide ownership within a group of people and plot out goals over the entire semester.

What advice would you give students?

Computer Science requires you to think about problems in a different way than most people do. I love thinking through technical problems - even though I don't do any development on a regular basis. Pairing the Markets and Management certificate and the Computer Science degree meant that I learned how to view problems from a people perspective, as well as a technical perspective. I was nervous about Computer Science early on, as I enjoy interacting with people and feared that I would only be able to find jobs that wanted the stereotypical developer. By having additional management background, I'm able to draw on my CS skills to have a variety of opportunities available to me, in addition to development.

Chelsea Wezensky
Technical Project Management role at Epic