Colleen Schmidt

Graduated: 2015

Major: Public Policy

After Graduation: I graduated Duke undergrad 2015 with Public Policy Major with MMS Certificate Graduated Master of Management studies from Fuqua in 2016 Started Working for Anheuser Busch in July 2016 in the Sales Development Program -In this role I spent 6 months based at the main brewery in St. Louis learning all about sales within the industry and specifically within our company. I also spent a few months during this time doing rotations throughout the U.S. learning about different sales facets and roles within the company. I was then placed in Syracuse, NY as a District Manager in January 2017. In my role I work with and manage 5 of our Independent Distributors throughout Central NY. I plan on staying with Anheuser Busch and continuing to work my way up within the company.

How was the MMS Certificate helpful when deciding on a career path?

The MMS program not only helped in focusing my interests, but it also led me into the Fuqua School of Business MMS program to further develop my what I wanted out of a career path.

How did the MMS certificate help you prepare for your current position?

I'm currently in a sales/management position, so MMS prepared me not only in course work but also in confidence of my abilities and knowledge of the field to really go head first into the job I'm in now. It prepared me for the challenge to think creatively and efficiently in both managing people and solving problems.

Colleen Schmidt
District Manager at Anheuser Busch