Corinne Merriman

Class: 2013
Major: Public Policy
After Graduation: Corinne will be attending Vanderbilt University Owen School of Business for her Master of Accountancy. She expects to graduate in 2014.

How was the MMS certificate program helpful when deciding on a career path? "The MMS Certificate provided a wide variety of options to explore my interests in business. I particularly enjoyed the courses that had guest lecturers return to them and discuss what they've done after receiving their MMS certificate to demonstrate the enormous assortment of options Duke MMS graduates have".

How did the MMS certificate program help you prepare for your current position? "Two classes in particular, Financial Accounting and Advanced Financial Accounting, helped to educate and prepare me for my graduate program next year. In general the MMS certificate provided me with great experiences to narrow down what aspects of business I am interested in, and it also equipped me with a lot of knowledge that I now use in interviews and when expressing my interest in my current program."

Corinne Merriman
Master of Accountancy candidate at Vanderbilt University Owen School of Business