David Freed

Class:  2010
Major: Biomedical Engineering
After Graduation:  Founded medical device company, worked at BCG, now at 8 Rivers Capital working on technology commercialization.

How was the MMS certificate program helpful when deciding on a career path?
Since sophomore year, I wanted to go into management consulting.  There were so many of my older peers who I respected that spoke with such high regard about the profession and it seemed ideal: who wouldn’t want to be a SWAT team for businesses.  However, MMS opened my world to entrepreneurship and the multi-disciplinary nature to being in business for yourself, which is where I now am.  

How did the MMS certificate help you prepare for your current position? 
The most direct application was in a class called the Rise of Modern Japan, where we walked through the history of Japan and how it impacts their approach to business.  I’ve now lived that relationship given one of our biggest partners is Toshiba.  Less tangibly, my role stretches across finance, strategy, project management and development; all of which were things we touched on in the wide array of MMS courses. 

David Freed
8 Rivers Capital