Jacob Levitt

Class: 2013
Major: Economics
After Graduation: I’m a business analyst at Capital One in the DC area.

How was the MMS certificate program helpful when deciding on a career path? 
The MMS program exposed me to multiple aspects of the business world and a multitude of different career options. Perhaps even more important, my experience with MMS also helped me realize how much I enjoyed working in a collaborative environment.

How did the MMS certificate help you prepare for your current position? 
As far as knowledge goes, my MMS courses familiarized me with a lot of business theory, and learning about business history has done a great deal for my intuitive understanding of the problems I face on a daily basis. MMS also helped me further develop the ability to work as part of a team and taught me the importance of looking outside the box for creative, non-traditional solutions.

Jacob Levitt
Business Analyst at Capital One