Jordan Karen

Class:  2013
Major:  Public Policy
After Graduation:  I am an analyst at Morgan Stanley in the Wealth Management division. I am a member of the Investment Solutions team, which publishes research and asset allocation recommendations to Morgan Stanley’s financial advisors.

How was the MMS Certificate helpful when deciding on a career path? 
I have always been interested in finance, and the MMS classes I took at Duke further reinforced that passion. I found that business decisions and numbers that are behind almost every aspect of our modern lives, and my MMS classes were the place where discovered that I could pursue a career that would constantly challenge me and allow me to interact with the ever-changing world of the capital markets.   

How did the MMS certificate help you prepare for your current position? 
My MMS classes challenged me in many ways: in my capstone, small teams were tasked with creating and developing our own business plans; in another class, I researched trends in Emerging Markets economies and presented my findings; the writing, analytical and presenting skills I developed in my MMS classes have been critical in my current role at MS. Lastly, my MMS professors served as mentors and advisors throughout the job search process, and they remain my friends and confidants today.

Jordan Karen
Analyst at Morgan Stanley in the Wealth Management division