Scott Briggs

Scott Briggs
Class: 2014
Major: Biology 
After Graduation: I will be moving to Boston and working as an analyst for Putnam Associates, a strategy consulting firm that specializes in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. 
How was the MMS Certificate program helpful when deciding on a career path?
Completing the MMS certificate really gave me a deep appreciation for the principles and theories that underlie global markets and the study of management. Upon graduation, I decided that I wanted to pursue a career that would combine my two passions: the life sciences and business leadership. 
How did the MMS certificate help you prepare for your current position?
My MMS certificate has helped me to put into perspective everything I learned in Biology classes and in the laboratory. With the MMS certificate, I can apply those experiences to the business world while working to solve complex problems for Putnam's clients, who comprise the leaders of the life sciences sector.