Shaan Puri

2014 MMS Alumnus of the Year
Class:  2010
Major:  Biology 
After Graduation:  Started a few award winning, money losing companies.  Sabi Sushi (Duke Startup Challenge 2010 winner), MicGas (a biotech company in Australia), and now CEO of Monkey Inferno in San Francisco.

Since graduating from Duke 4 years ago - Shaan founded award-winning (and money losing!) startups before finding a home in Silicon Valley.

Today, he is CEO of Monkey Inferno, a 20-person startup lab based in San Francisco. Their job is simple - dream up ideas for startups, then build them into existence. Monkey Inferno is building 4 startups at once in-house, which explains why he has grey hairs on his 26 year old head.  Their startups currently valued over $10M, and have been featured as a company to watch by WSJ, TechCrunch, and Apple.

Shaan is visiting Duke to talk about the things he wished he knew when he was at Duke!

Shaan Puri