Fall 2020

Capstone Courses (choose one)

Number Title Codes
MMS 450 Markets and Management Capstone R, SS

Core Courses (choose two)

Number Title Codes
SOCIOL 258 Markets and Marketing
SOCIOL 344 Technology and Organizational Environments CCI, R, SS, STS
SOCIOL 345 Nations, Regions, and the Global Economy CCI, R, SS
SOCIOL 355 Organizations and Management SS, STS
SOCIOL 359 The Sociology of Entrepreneurship CCI, SS

Elective Courses (choose four)

Number Title Codes
CULANTH 170 Advertising and Society: Global Perspective (DS4) CCI, SS
ECON 174 Financial Accounting QS, SS
ICS 195 Comparative Approaches to Global Issues CCI, CZ, SS, W
POLSCI 145 Introduction to Political Economy EI, SS
ARTHIST 220 Museum Theory and Practice ALP, R
ARTHIST 231 History of Art Markets R, SS, STS
ECON 256 Practical Financial Markets
ECON 305 History of International Financial and Monetary Crises CZ, EI, SS
ECON 311 History of Economic Thought CCI, R, SS, W
ECON 348 Women in the Economy CCI, EI, R, SS
ECON 355 International Trade CCI, SS, STS
ECON 372 Intermediate Finance QS, SS
ECON 373 Corporate Finance QS, R, SS
ECON 375 The Economics of Entrepreneurship SS
GSF 221 Women at Work: Gendered Experience of Corporate Life CCI, SS, STS
GSF 361 Money, Sex, Power CCI, CZ, SS
HISTORY 222 Environment and Global Capitalism in Latin America CZ, R, SS, W
HISTORY 248S Book Publishing & Marketing: A Case Study of the Romance Fiction Industry ALP, CCI, CZ, W
MMS 210 Managerial Effectiveness SS, STS
MMS 272 Marketing Across Borders, Cultures and Demographics SS
MMS 370 Managerial Finance SS
MMS 380 Entrepreneurial Marketing SS
PHIL 270 Business Ethics: The Debate Over Corporate Social Responsibility EI, SS
POLSCI 315S Political Economy of Financial Crises SS
PUBPOL 256 Social Innovation EI, SS
RUSSIAN 399 Global Russia CCI, CZ, EI, SS
SOCIOL 341 The United States and the Asian Pacific Region CCI, CZ, R, SS
VMS 366L Theories and Practices of Data Visualization R, STS
COMPSCI 408 Delivering Software: From Concept to Client R, STS
ECON 471 Financial Markets and Investment QS, SS
POLSCI 468S Wealth and Poverty of Nations: Prosperity and Distribution in the Long Run SS
PSY 425 The Psychology of Consumers EI, SS
PUBPOL 598 Economic Growth and Development Policy SS, STS, W