Meet our 2019-2020 Ambassadors!

Thursday, September 19, 2019
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Markets and Management Studies is proud to introduce our Student Ambassadors for Fall 2019 and Spring 2020! Our ambassadors have much to offer the program, and we are looking forward to all the exciting things they have planed for you. You may recognize some of our returning Ambassadors who will be serving their second terms in edition to first-time Ambassadors. This team of nine students are in all stages of the MMS certificate and want to share their knowledge and experiences to help other students. Keep up with everything our Ambassadors will be up to this fall via Facebook and Instagram and don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter!

close up of female student with hand near faceMy name is Jamie Cohen, and I am a rising senior from Washington, D.C. At Duke. I am pursuing a major in public policy and certificates in both markets and management as well as policy journalism and media studies. I am passionate about the intersection of communication, business and government and hope to pursue a career that bridges the three. I have previously interned at a leading global public affairs agency in D.C. as well as at CBS This Morning and Face The Nation. Aside from school, I am an avid runner, major foodie and am moderately addicted to iced coffee.

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My name is Max Moser, and I am senior from Bregenz, Austria. I am pursuing a major in Political Science, a minor in Sociology, and the MMS certificate. The MMS certificate has allowed me to explore my interests in a variety of business areas and guided me in discovering my passion for marketing and more specifically brand management. I also enjoy soccer, hiking, and skiing. 


Closeup of female studentMy name is Mikaela Wellner and I am a senior studying public policy, sociology, and markets and management. I am from New York City and am hoping to go into marketing when I graduate. This past summer I interned at the Estee Lauder Companies with Clinique but am interested in marketing and business development in other industries as well!


closeup of female studentMy name is Arianna Rhue, I am a junior from Columbia, South Carolina.  I am an Economics major, with a Visual Media Studies minor, and I am, naturally, pursuing the Markets and Managements Certificate.  Around campus I am involved in the Duke University Union Marketing Committee, as well as the Penny Pilgrim George Women's Leadership Cohort; this year I was also an advisor for the First Year Advisory Council.  In my free time, I love exercising at the Wilson Gym and reading.  I am looking forward to being a Markets and Management Ambassador because I can get more involved in the program, which allows me to further my coursework through programming and other means.  I also look forward to informing other students about the Markets and Management Program and expanding its participants.

closeup of female studentMy name is Sonia Lau and I'm currently a junior from Atlanta, GA. I am majoring in Political Science with a Political Economy concentration and receiving the Markets and Management Studies Certificate. I'm interested in investment banking and the studying the influence of political events on international economies. For fun, I like to play tennis, travel around the globe, and cheer for the Atlanta Braves!


closeup of female studentMy name is Clara Love and I am a part of Duke University's class of 2022! I am planning to major in Public Policy with a minor in Gender/Feminist Studies and African American Studies, and a certificate in Markets and Management Studies (MMS). I am aiming to work as a marketing/brand management consultant in the future with a focus on promoting positive images for the overall health of minority consumers. One day, I hope to be able to open my own marketing firm geared towards making advertising more friendly for female and POC consumers and employees. 

closeup of male studentMy name is Reilly Walsh and I am currently a senior majoring in Political Science with a concentration in Political Economy and a Markets and Management Certificate. I am extremely interested in the bridge between the history of politics and economics, the way they overlap, and the effect they have on one another. As an ambassador I am excited to meet and learn more about the MMS program, while benefiting from the community that is involved with the growth of the students here at Duke. I enjoy learning about the technology and the organizations within it and hope to work in the financial industry. 

closeup of female studentMy name is Mikayla Aguie, and I'm a senior majoring in Public Policy with a Markets and Management Certificate. I love being a part of MMS because it not only provides students insight into the business world, but also allows students to develop their personal interests. I hope that by being an ambassador I will be able to promote the program to interested students.


closeup of female studentMy name is Sarah Armstrong and I am currently a Senior from Boston, MA. I am majoring in Sociology, minoring in Psychology, and completing the MMS certificate. I am very excited to get started with the MMS ambassador program! I hope to contribute to the program by hearing from students and implementing change they want to see. I am interested in brand and experience marketing and how that can integrate with communities and business to further bolster them both. I also enjoy running and am on the Duke Cross Country and Track team here at Duke.