So the Course you Want is Full?

Wednesday, November 29, 2017
So the Course you Want is Full?

You have your ideal schedule worked out perfectly only to find out that one of the courses you want is completely full. So now what?  You are not the first student to encounter this problem. If this is currently happening to you, there are things that you can do (other than panic).



1. Be Patient and Get on a Waitlist

Many students change their course load during the drop/add window. This means that even if the course if full now, it might have openings later down the road. Stay on the waitlist while other students rearrange their schedules and keep and watching the courses to see if there is any movement. A lot of courses will eventually have openings if you are willing to be patient through the drop/add process.

2. Try a New Instructor

Whether this is an instructor new to the program, new to Duke, or if it is simply an instructor you haven’t had a chance to try yet, this is a good opportunity. There is something to be said for building long-term relationships with instructors over the course of your time at Duke. But it is easy to forget that different instructors will help to diversify your experience and give you lessons from contrasting perspectives, making your certificate experience well-rounded.

3. Plan your courses

Do you really want to take this course or do you merely want to take this professor? If the course does not fit your ultimate plan, you could benefit more from a different course that is more in line with your overall goals and schedule. Our full list of M&M core and elective courses being offered in the spring can be found here. Take a look through the courses and see if you find anything else that fits well with your interests. M&M offers a broad range of courses over many different disciplines so you are able to tailor your courses your areas of interest.

4. Talk to an Markets & Management advisor

M&M staff know the courses offered and can help identify what works best with your interests and schedule. When in doubt about how to move forward, reach out to the M&M department for suggestions.