Count Your Study Abroad Courses for MMS Credit!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017
Are you taking a study abroad course or course from another university that you want to have counted for Markets and Management credit? Find out how!
Count Your Study Abroad Courses for MMS Credit!

Taking courses abroad, whether internationally or at a university other than Duke, can be a wonderful way to diversify your Duke experience. Markets & Management is excited to help you get all your necessary credits while traveling the globe! 

Getting Markets & Management credit for a study abroad course works in one of two ways:

  1. If you take a course that that is given an equivalent Duke course number (e.g. Econ 373) that is also on the approved elective list in the Markets & Management program, you will automatically receive credit for the abroad course.
  2. If the course you take does not have an equivalent Duke course number and is approved as a general course approval (typically listed as 300) you will need to provide a syllabus or detailed description of the course. Once you submit the syllabus to the Program Coordinator for MMS ( a decision will be made about whether Markets & Management credit can be given. You should seek this approval before taking the course abroad. Course Approval Forms are available from the Global Education Office. Please bring the signed form and course syllabus to the Markets & Management office.


Students who are interested in transferring courses taken at another university should bring a completed and signed approval form to the Markets & Management office along with a syllabus or detailed description of the course they plan to take. The approval forms for tentative course approval are available in the Academic Deans office or can be accessed here

Students can only receive Markets and Management credit for up to 2 transfer courses, including global education courses and transfer courses for other universities in the United States. For more resources about these processes, visit, or