MMS Student Stories--Carly Bandt

Friday, April 7, 2017
MMS Student Stories--Carly Bandt

Carly is a junior majoring in Public Policy Studies and minoring in Economics. She is also currently pursuing the Markets and Management Studies Certificate. Carly participated in our "Student Stories" submission contest to share her favorite MMS memories and experiences.


"'Social Entrepreneurship in Action,' an MMS core class, was powerful for me in that it did not portray the private sector as incompatible with a social mission. For instance, we spoke with Duke Alum Todd Sears, who founded “Out Leadership” based on the premise that LGBT inclusion brings a tangible return on investment to the financial industry."

-Carly Bandt, 2018
PPS Major, Economics Minor, Markets and Management Studies Certificate

The MMS program is taking time to recognize our students and their accomplishments. If you have a story that you think other MMS students would enjoy hearing, let us know!