Swap Patel Visits MMS Class

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Swap Patel, Media Director at The Mckinney Agency, visited SOC 358 Markets and Marketing on November 29 to speak to students about marketing. Patel demonstrated how brands can improve their recognition by their target consumers by placing their marketing messages in the right places. He discussed how Crocs, one of Mckinney's clients, placed its message in a large Toys r Us store to attract both parents and children to the brand.

The Mckinney Agency works with several brands and companies, including Samsung, Carmax, Crocs, Sherwin Williams, and Sennheiser. The agency has offices in both New York City and Durham. To learn more about the Mckinney Agency, visit their website.

Featured in the photo left to right: Justin Elliott, Swap Patel (Director of Media - McKinney), Hampton Drake, and Alina Pak.