Alejandro Bolívar-Cervoni

 Graduation year: 2013

Major/Minor/Other Certificate: Public Policy / Certificates in Markets & Management and Latin American Studies

After Graduation: Alejandro is an MBA candidate for the Class of 2018 at the Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis. After completing his undergraduate studies at Duke University, he worked at the National Basketball Association as a Marketing Associate in its competitive rotational program (where he was one of eight hired from 3,000 applicants). Alejandro was an MBA brand management intern at SC Johnson in Wisconsin summer 2017. Following graduation from business school, he aims to work in brand & product management at a consumer packaged goods company or tech firm, or participate in a corporate leadership rotational program. 

How was the MMS Certificate helpful when deciding on a career path?

The MMS Certificate provided me with real world marketing cases to introduce me to strategic frameworks. My favorite Duke group project was for an MMS course (Psychology of Consumers), where my teammates and I developed a marketing plan for an on-campus restaurant. MMS gave me stronger understanding of the day-to-day responsibilities of a brand manager and to the different corporate cultures of diverse firms. 

 How did the MMS certificate help you prepare for your current position? 

MMS helped solidify my passion for marketing as I embarked on my business school journey at Washington University in St. Louis. With this knowledge, I gained a specific focus that allowed me to select the right courses and career opportunities. MMS's interdisciplinary approach also mirrors the cross-functional nature of both brand management roles and MBA programs. Understanding how to work with and manage diverse teams, as well as leverage members' own unique skillsets, views, and experiences, has been extremely beneficial in my career. 

Alejandro Bolívar-Cervoni
MBA candidate at the Olin Business School at Washington University