I graduated with a BA in Public Policy with the MMS Certificate in May 2021. In June, I began working as a Business Analyst at Kearney in NYC. My network of professors and peers at Duke played a huge role in helping me find jobs and internships. It's important to take advantage of even the loosest of connections and leverage those relationships throughout the recruiting process. I would also say that certain classes, such as my MMS Capstone with Professor Grody, really prepared me for my work by providing me with deeper,… read more about Class of 2021 Graduates: Christopher Azarloza »

I graduated early in December 2020 with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and the MMS Certificate. I'll be working as an Investment Banking Analyst in the Technology group at RBC in New York, where I interned last summer! My day to day is always changing, but I'll be working with clients as a financial advisor on projects like IPOs or potential acquisitions within the technology sector. As a young woman in my early twenties, I'm excited to be getting this much exposure to important deals and mentors in a space that… read more about Class of 2021 Graduates: Sonia Lau »

Earlier this month, MMS hosted an online event for students interested in learning more about marketing and advertising. We were joined by the following MMS alumni, faculty and professionals in marketing: Samantha Schafrank is a 2015 MMS alumna. After graduation, Samantha worked at Ogilvy and Mather for four years. She is currently in progress towards an MBA at The Wharton School of Business and is a Marketing Intern with Amazon. Walt Barron is the Chief Strategy Officer at McKinney. Walt graduated from… read more about Marketing Professionals Share Their Experiences at MMS Talks Marketing »

My name is Kendyl Lange and I am entering my senior year here at Duke. I’m majoring in Sociology and pursuing the Markets & Management certificate. This summer I had the honor of interning at one of the leading medical device manufacturers in the world, Zimmer Biomet. Zimmer Biomet works to produce innovative orthopedic devices that will enhance the quality of life for patients all around the globe. I discovered my zest for the medical device industry a year and a half ago. I feel that this stems from my passion of… read more about Student Summers: Kendyl Lange and Zimmer Biomet »

15 years after graduating from Duke, Harrison Till still thinks back fondly on some of his memories from MMS and the professors who taught him. Harrison is a Duke University 2005 graduate with a degree in Cultural Anthropology in addition to the MMS certificate. After coming to Duke, he enrolled in the MMS program to fulfill his business interests. Markets and Management was able to offer the diversified courses he was hoping to take. “I was looking for something that provided the opportunity to take some of those classes… read more about Alumni Stories: Meet Harrison Till »

As students across the country try to plan their futures at colleges they can’t physically visit at the moment, the new business venture StudentSide from 3 university students could not have come at a better time. StudentSide–a creation of Duke students Dan Hepworth and Nick Dahlborg and Cornell student Simar Kohli–is an online platform for connecting current university students to prospective students who want to learn more about if they are a good fit for their top choices.  Dan recently spoke with us about his… read more about Student Business Spotlight: StudentSide »

My name is Carson Bard and I am proud to be part of Duke’s Class of 2022. I am majoring in Psychology, minoring in Spanish, and pursuing a certificate in Markets & Management. My passion is sports. This summer I am working as a writer for FanFair, a sports media company intended for a college audience. My experience thus far has been exciting and educational. I was part of the initial team that brainstormed ideas on how to recruit workers, publish content, and market the company for growth. I have learned how to… read more about Student Summer Stories: Carson Bard »

Doug Green is a former serial entrepreneur who began his career as an engineer and manager at IBM before serving as the VP of marketing at two tech startup companies, Chromatis Networks and Ocular Networks, the two of which were acquired for a total of over $5 billion. He also served as the Director of Product Marketing at Ciena Communications, now a NASDAQ listed company with a market capitalization of $3.9 billion, and the Director of Product Marketing at NetEdge Systems, a telecommunications start-up acquired for $35M.… read more about From Serial Entrepreneur to MMS Instructor: Meet Doug Green »

Two years into Duke, I frankly had no idea what I wanted to study. I was overwhelmed by the hundreds of courses offered and found myself drawn to really anything that had something to do with business administration, consulting, and marketing. The main reason why I decided to pursue the MMS certificate was the program’s interdisciplinary offering, which allowed me to take classes from a variety of disciplines ranging from Public Policy to Psychology, over to Computer Science, Economics, and Political Science. No other Duke… read more about Students Share their MMS Experiences »

Business of Sport professor Ed Tiryakian is accustomed to teaching students about management and finance within sports, but this semester in particular has made those topics increasingly more relevant. As sports leagues everywhere are canceling games and seasons, Professor Tiryakian took this as an opportunity to have students learn more about how leaders make those decisions, the financial ramifications, and what the future of sports could look like.  One benefit of remote teaching, Professor Tiryakian points out, is that… read more about "Business of Sport" Class Continues Even Without Sports »

As Duke switched to remote learning for the remainder of spring 2020, many of our MMS instructors adapted their course content to reflect changing businesses as well. One of those such courses is MMS 210, Managerial Effectiveness with professor George Grody. Professor Grody often utilizes business simulations in his courses. This semester, upon switching to remote teaching, he added the Harvard simulation “Judgment in a Crisis.” The simulation had students go through the process of manufacturing a pharmaceutical product… read more about MMS 210 Adds Crisis Simulation in the Midst of Remote Teaching »

Are you a newly admitted student with questions about the MMS Certificate? Our team of Ambassadors are available to chat with you about their certificate experiences and answer questions you may have. Read their bios below to learn more about each Ambassador and connect with those who might have similar interests!   Jamie Cohen I am a senior from Washington, D.C. I am pursuing a major in public policy and certificates in MMS and policy journalism and media studies. I am passionate… read more about Connect with an MMS Ambassador! »

In a recent Forbes article, "When God Cancels Sports, Who Pays?", Jon L. Pritchett and MMS instructor Ed Tiryakian discuss the financial impact of large scale sports cancellations. They write, "As confinement becomes commonplace and more and more cities and states declare “shelter-in-place” orders and curfews, Americans and sports fans around the world find themselves faced with the new stark reality; no sports to be watched, anywhere! When sports are cancelled or postponed for reasons beyond our control, just who pays? As… read more about Professor Tiryakian Addesses Current Sports Economy in Recent Forbes Article »

MMS is proud to represent women across the university interested in business-related topics. For years now, the MMS certificate has maintained equal representation of men and women and works to bring in talented women as guest speakers for events and courses. This International Women's Day, we want to highlight four elective courses that address the role of women and gender in the workplace that you might be interested in taking in the future. ECON 348: Women in the Economy Economics of gender including… read more about Four Courses to Take for International Women's Day »

This week, we are talking to one of our alumni who is currently working for one of the largest vertically integrated multistate cannabis companies in the US, Cresco Labs. What can a certificate in Markets and Management Studies offer to those who are interested in working in an emerging industry like cannabis? Cris Rivera graduated from Duke with a joint BA in Economics and Spanish; and of course, the MMS certificate. He spent four years post grad with Prudential insurance as part of a management leadership program. During… read more about Alumnus Highlight: Cris Rivera »

For 10 years, Ed Tiryakian has taught some of the most popular MMS courses offered. One of these courses, Managerial Finance, is not a course that at first glance sounds particularly intriguing. So what is it about professor Tiryakian that he is able to take what some might view as challenging or less interesting topics and make them, not only interesting, but some of the most valuable courses students remember after leaving? Ed Tiryakian ('83) has had an illustrious career that has spanned multiple different industries.… read more about From UBS to Sports Agent to the European Union to MMS »

As Duke does not have an undergraduate business degree, students often turn to the MMS certificate to obtain business related skills. But what does that mean when you begin interviewing with employers who may not be familiar with the concept of Duke Certificates or how the Markets & Management Studies certificate can be beneficial? This is a great question to ask, and we have a few tips to help you navigate that process. MMS Senior Sarah Armstrong shares that learning how to succinctly explain the role and benefits of… read more about Marketing MMS to Employers »

In 30 years of the Markets and Management Studies certificate, we have seen many students come through the program who have learned about MMS from family members who completed the program. Two of those students are our current ambassadors, both of whom have had an older sibling go through the MMS program before them. Hearing all four of their experiences from the program illustrates the diversity of MMS student interests and paths. One of these students is Mikaela Wellner. Mikaela is an MMS senior majoring in Public Policy… read more about All in the Family: MMS through Generations »

For 12 years and thousands of students, George Grody has gained a reputation as being one of the most beloved faculty members at Duke, earning him the title of “Best Professor” by the Duke Chronicle’s most recent survey. We decided to sit down with him to learn what it is that makes this professor so special to so many Duke and MMS students through the years. One of the aspects of MMS that so many students appreciate is that many MMS coded courses are taught by real world practitioners who bring their business expertise to… read more about “Are you Going to Live your Brand?” On being a Teacher, Coach, Mentor, and Friend with George Grody »

One of the things Markets & Management is most proud of is how so many of our students enter different fields and are able to apply the skills they learned in our program in innovative ways. While our alumni may not be involved directly in running a business or pursuing a marketing career, they are universally employing the substantive knowledge and practical skills gained through participation in the Markets & Management Certificate Program.  We highlight the experience of Gillian Burns, a 2003 Trinity graduate,… read more about Alumna Highlight: Gillian Groake Burns »

In 1990, the Markets & Management Studies Certificate graduated its first class of 3 students. Since then, MMS has grown into the largest certificate program offered at Duke, with upwards of 200 graduates every year. What makes MMS so special? Interdisciplinary in nature and touching on topics that have been popular in education fields over the decades, MMS brings together students and faculty from across Duke who have a wide variety of interests and disciplinary expertise. Students who graduate with the Markets and… read more about Celebrating 30 Years of Markets & Management Graduates »

Have you ever wondered why so many students dread group projects? Why do they often fail? What makes some succeed? And how do you ensure the success of your next group project so your team members aren’t all angry by the end? Assistant Professor of Sociology Ashley Harrell is new to Duke and here to help us understand the science behind collaboration and help her students be better group project members in the future–in and out of educational settings. Professor Harrell is teaching Sociology 227 Leadership and… read more about Collaboration Starts with Group Projects »

I made the decision to join the MMS Certificate program very early in my freshman fall semester. Now as a second semester sophomore, I couldn’t be happier that I did!  Originally, coming into college I had a keen interest in strictly strategy consulting and economics, leading me to the MMS certificate as an outlet to get the business studies education that isn’t offered anywhere else on campus. When I signed up for my first couple of MMS classes during my freshman fall, I decided to go with an economics based course and a… read more about Course Correction: How MMS Courses Changed Student Clara Love's Path »

It’s amazing how fast four years can go by. From choosing a major to choosing a career, there’s a lot of decisions to be made as a student. But one of the best decisions I’ve made while at Duke was pursuing the Markets and Management certificate. However, I didn’t just wake up and think “I’m going to get the MMS certificate!” Instead, it took some time for me to really figure out if MMS was the right certificate for me. Perhaps you as well are in the same boat, figuring out if a certificate in Markets and Management is… read more about So, You’re Thinking About the MMS Certificate? »

When I began my academic career at Duke, I was unsure of where and how I would go about my future. The Markets and Management courses provided me with a clear way of navigating my future. I was given the opportunity to take courses that have helped develop my analytical and decision-making skills. From Managerial Accounting to Markets and Management, I used all my skills to make complex decisions. These courses allowed me to recognize how I wanted to proceed with my career and internships. Continually, each of the courses… read more about How MMS Courses Helped with Interviewing »

Approaching the end of my second to last semester here at Duke means that I am also nearly done with my Markets and Management Studies certificate. Over my four years here at Duke, the course work and classes I have had the pleasure of completing for this certificate have been not only some of the most valuable but also the most applicable and transferable to the real world. This certificate opened my eyes to many opportunities I hadn’t thought about pursuing here. MMS changed my outlook on what markets and management was… read more about Journey to MMS »

This week, Duke alumna and Founder and President of Rewriting The Code Sue Harnett visited our Data Analytics for Business core course to talk to students about the role of women in data driven industries. Prior to Rewriting the Code, Sue launched, developed and successfully sold a novel e-commerce and technology business in the collegiate and professional sports industry. She also created the strategic vision and operational infrastructure for a multi-specialty physician organization within Duke University Health System,… read more about Founder of Rewriting the Code Visits MMS Core Course »

Reflecting on my time as an MMS student, I have come to realize that MMS 272: Marketing across Borders, Cultures and Demographics is the best class I have ever taken at Duke. The class not only allowed me to discover my passion for brand management, but it also exposed me to projects which were as close to the real world of marketing as it gets.   Unfortunately, MMS 272 will not be offered in the Spring 2020 semester, but if you are looking for a challenging yet rewarding class that will fulfill one of your four… read more about From Marketing Classroom to Marketing Internship »

After almost four years at Duke I can confidently say that my Markets & Management classes have been the most applicable to not only finding a job but also building a skill set that can be useful as I enter the working world in the coming year. My experiences with MMS classes at Duke has been extremely hands on and group oriented. Through my Marketing Management (MMS 220) course sophomore year, I was provided with the opportunity to present an original marketing strategy to local agency McKinney. The months long… read more about Looking Back on MMS »