Ashley Brasovan

Class: 2013
Major: Earth and Ocean Science
After Graduation: Ashley is currently at the Duke Nicholas School obtaining a master's degree in Environmental Management with a concentration in Energy and the Environment. She plans to pursue a career in energy consulting after graduation in 2015.
How was the MMS Certificate program helpful when deciding on a career path?
My ultimate passion is assisting in the creation of more sustainable business practices through energy conservation and efficiency. However, knowing basics business fundamentals and concepts in critical to success in any sort of consulting or management position so the MMS certificate really helped to complement my Earth and Ocean Science degree to incorporate business tools that will be critical for a career in the future. 
How did the MMS certificate prepare you for your current position?
MMS provided me with the basic business fundamentals in order to facilitate my studies in my Environmental Management program.
Ashley Brasovan
Duke Nicholas School - Enivornmental Management