Celebrating 30 Years of Markets & Management Graduates

Student collage of black and white pictures

In 1990, the Markets & Management Studies Certificate graduated its first class of 3 students. Since then, MMS has grown into the largest certificate program offered at Duke, with upwards of 200 graduates every year.

What makes MMS so special? Interdisciplinary in nature and touching on topics that have been popular in education fields over the decades, MMS brings together students and faculty from across Duke who have a wide variety of interests and disciplinary expertise. Students who graduate with the Markets and Management Certificate have gone into fields such as: law, finance, marketing, politics, education, management, and more.

This year, you’ll hear stories from the men and women who helped create the certificate, as well as those who sustained it all this time. You’ll also catch up on the journey our graduates have been on over the last 30 years. MMS has more than 4,000 alumni, and we cannot wait to reintroduce you to these exceptional graduates and learn more about what their life has been like since leaving Duke. We are also excited to share with you all the ways the program has changed and grown over the last 30 years through interviews with former directors and staff, as well as some of your favorite faculty members. Our newsletter will highlight the various ways you can stay connected to the program and connect with current students, passing on your expertise to a new generation of MMS family. 

Stay tuned as we share our program’s history and its future so you can celebrate with us 30 years of Markets and Management Studies! 

If you are an MMS grad, we want to hear from you! You can contact haley.warren@duke.edu to update us on your post-grad experience, stay informed about upcoming events, or learn about how you can network with current MMS students.