Class of 2023: MMS and Political Science Senior Learns About Herself by Learning About Others

Olivia Navaroli

“Right when I stepped onto Duke’s campus, I knew it was where I belonged,” said Political Science and MMS senior Olivia Navaroli.

That feeling hasn’t changed over the course of the past four years. From spending the spring in Duke Gardens or cheering on Duke Basketball to climbing to the top of Duke Chapel in the fall, Navaroli’s time at Duke has been an experience to remember.

Duke has provided Navaroli with an opportunity to learn more about herself and others — something that has come not just from her collegiate experience, but from her coursework as well.

“I knew I enjoyed learning about different perspectives, working with and learning from other people and the economy, so I chose a political economy concentration in Political Science, as it focuses on studying the relationship between the government, society and the economy as a whole. It taught me how real-world market systems are embedded in both politics and society”

In addition to her Political Science courses, her Markets & Management certificate courses have helped her learn about business ethics and the impact of changing social and technological environments.

“One of the courses I took that I credit a good deal of my knowledge to is Sociology 355 on organizations and management,” Navaroli said. “In the course, we read material about the structure and operation of organizations and how they are managed through analyzing decision making and actively discussing the concepts and analytical tools organizations used.”

Olivia Carner and Olivia Navaroli playing lacrosse
Olivia Navaroli with her friend and fellow lacrosse player, Olivia Carner. Both Carner and Navaroli have served as MMS Ambassadors.

She also credits her professors as helping to shape her experience.

“There are a few who stick out to me and have not only taught me a lot but inspired me in ways outside of the classroom. George Grody, an MMS instructor, was someone who had a big, positive impact on my experience,” she said.

“Professor Byerly is another professor who was especially amazing. Her public speaking class is life changing, and I urge every senior to take it.”

Navaroli has served as an MMS Ambassador since her sophomore year, alongside her friend and fellow Duke women’s lacrosse player Olivia Carner. MMS Ambassadors are part of a larger team of Trinity Ambassadors, a peer-to-peer program of students across Trinity departments who are accessible as a resource for all undergraduates.

She looks back fondly on her time at Duke and hopes future students also make the kind of valuable memories she has.

“Do not get caught up in grades and numbers,” she offers as advice to new students. “Instead, focus on growing as a student and a person.”

Navaroli will be moving to New York City in June and working at Gallagher as a health and benefits consultant.