MMS Faculty Summer Projects

Tuesday, June 18, 2019
Follow along to see the projects our instructors are working on this summer!
MMS Director and Duke in Geneva Students 2018

Markets and Management faculty and instructors help make the certificate program a success! While our students are spending their summers studying abroad, doing internships, and taking classes, ever wonder what summers are like for faculty? Here are a few of our MMS faculty sharing their summer projects!



Professor Martha ReevesMartha Reeves
Director, Markets and Management
Professor of the Practice of Sociology

I am spending my summer in Europe – mainly France, Switzerland and Germany. I co-direct the Duke in Geneva summer program where I teach a course on International Business. Besides teaching the course, I’ll be taking some Duke students to the Alps and to Berlin. It is wonderful to explore different cultures, eat different foods, and meet academics from other universities. I am also working on a bit of research and writing.



Professor Craig Rawlings​​​​​​Craig Rawlings
Assistant Professor of Sociology

I am finishing my book with Jim Moody, Dan Mcfarland, and Jeffrey Smith on Social Network Analysis. I will be presenting two works-in-progress at the American Sociological Association’s Annual Meetings in New York City. One is a paper with colleagues at the University of Toronto and concerns the “omnivore hypothesis” in cultural consumption, which has documented how more privileged people’s tastes have shifted from being very exclusive (e.g. Classical Music and Opera only) in the 1960s to being very inclusive since the 1980s-90s. We find that privileged people remain exclusive, but this has shifted away from broad types of cultural consumption (music genres, types of food, countries where one travels) to more specific types of cultural objects (specific artists, TV shows, sports, leisure activities, etc.). This suggests that the elite have become more adept at being both inclusive of a range of cultures and identities, while also retaining ways of signaling that they are more refined, and deserving of more distinction that the non-elite.


Professor Deb ReisingerDeb Reisinger
Associate Director of Markets and Management
Associate Professor of the Practice of Romance Studies

I'm co-directing the Duke in Aix summer program in Aix-en-Provence, France. This is an immersive language program that introduces students to the culture of Provence, examining media, immigration, and the arts. I am spending the remainder of the summer completing a textbook on French for professional purposes (Georgetown Press 2020). The book, which is being co-authored with colleagues from Boston university and Vanderbilt, prepares advanced language students to work in international business environments.



Lisa KeisterLisa Keister
Professor of Sociology

I am working on multiple projects including:

1. A proposal to the National Science Foundation that looks at gender dynamics in high income/high wealth households. We are studying how women and men negotiate the work and financial arrangements that lead them to top financial positions. 
2. A study of how family wealth affects health outcomes, including overall health, BMI, and measures of cardia health
3. Two papers on how family wealth affects child development early in life.


Professor Ed TiryakianEd Tiryakian
Visiting Associate Professor of Markets and Management

I am working on Fandex this summer, an integrated sports gaming platform with 25 thousand users and growing. I will be meeting in NYC with all major sports leagues and we have just completed a $3MM fundraising effort. I am also working on a fall one day session on crypto currency and gaming with some visiting professors hosting some breakout sessions. Later on, I will be vacationing in Italy.