Turner Sports Executives Visit MMS Course

Friday, February 22, 2019
Instructor Ed Tiryakian's class welcomes four executives from Turner Sports earlier this month
Class of students with guest speakers at front with powerpoint


Instructor Tiryakian's MMS 275 Business of Sport class was glad to welcome four executives from Turner Sports earlier this month. They were able to bring their sports management knowledge to the discussion with students and receive feedback on current ventures. Some of the topics addressed were: 

  • The role of social media in sports
  • Turner’s 3 core competencies
  • The relationship with leagues and data sharing with platforms & free ads for free content exchange
  • Consumer insight
  • Individual athletes vs. sports teams making up leagues (role of social media again)
  • How we consume sports

4 Guest speakers, instructor, and students






Want to know more about Turner Sports? Get to know the Guest Speakers!

Brian Berger

Brian Berger, Manager of Business Insights for B/R Live

Brian oversees Analytics for Turner Sports’ Direct-To-Consumer Product, B/R Live. After finishing multiple degrees at UGA, he has worked at Turner.


Neelam Mulchandani


Neelam Mulchandani, Director of Audience Development & Engagement at Turner Sports

   Neelam heads the Analytics and Insights area of Turner Sports Social Media. She completed her Master’s at NYU.


Mallom Liggon

Mallom Liggon, Director of Strategy and Insights at Turner Sports

Mallom has spent over 20 years at Turner, ranging from roles in Research to Business Strategy. A NY Native who received his Masters Degree from Georgia Tech.


Jason Kayne

Jason Kayne, Social Media Analyst Turner Sports

After playing soccer at Tufts University, Jason started at Turner Sports and has worked his way up in Social Media.