How MMS Complements Your Major

Sonia Lau

As a freshman, I felt slightly overwhelmed by the raging waterfall of academic options that differed so greatly from each other. I had heard from others that you could combine a variety of majors, minors, and certificates, but I wasn’t really sure what the significance of each one was or what I wanted to do. While it seems daunting to choose your career path at only eighteen, the truth is that you should capitalize on multiple interests and take courses that can lead you in a variety of directions. It is easy to grow up thinking that everyone comes to college, picks a major, and sticks to that plan for four years. That’s just not reality. I was pre-med my freshman year— along with 4 of my best friends. Only one of them is still on that track, and she has actually added an MMS certificate in addition to her required courses. I always had an interest in business, so I knew that taking a stab at the Markets and Management Studies Certificate would be the right thing to try. I kept up my interest in my MMS classes throughout the times that I was struggling to find interest in some of my other classes that were professionally relevant. Eventually, my passion for MMS won out.

Making an effort to take at least one MMS course during each semester was one of the best things I did, and I highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in preparing themselves for a post-graduate life. The reason I ended up finding a love for my current major (Political Science) is because I took a course that was an MMS elective and also cross-listed under my major. Also, my interest in an MMS elective is responsible for why I have a new career path in finance. Even though I am specializing more specifically in my major as a junior now, I am continuing with my MMS certificate to explore other facets of business. It has enhanced my learning experience at Duke by challenging me to think critically through diversifying my studies.

One of the best things about the Trinity College of Arts and Sciences is the opportunity to have a liberal arts education, and MMS has continuously proven the strength of such an education. The applicability of the MMS certificate has shone through as I concentrate on academics, but also professionally as I have become a stronger candidate. MMS is a great way to start preparing yourself for the “real world,” and it fits together with whatever major and career you seek! You’d be surprised at the combinations that you can come up with.