Kelly Ryder: My MMS Experience

Friday, February 1, 2019
Hear from one of our Students Ambassadors about her experience with the MMS Certificate
Kelly Ryder

My name is Kelly Ryder and I am a senior from New York. I am majoring in Psychology and earning a certificate in Markets and Management Studies.

One of the many aspects that made Duke so appealing to me as a high school student was its MMS program. The MMS Certificate seemed to help students prepare for careers in a variety of business sectors. I knew I wanted to pursue a career in law and banking, but as Duke does not offer a Business major, the MMS program fills the gap that I wanted in my college education that my major alone could not.

Over my four years at Duke, all of my experiences with the MMS department have been very positive. I have seen firsthand how popular and valued the program is to so many students. There are many aspects of the MMS Certificate that I love, but to highlight a few features that helped make my MMS experience so effective, I would say:

1. The MMS requirements are clear and attainable. To graduate with a MMS Certificate, you simply need one capstone, two core courses, and four electives. The MMS website clearly lists every course offered so there is no confusion as to which courses students can count for MMS credit. The website also offers a form for students to easily track their progress in the certificate.

2. In regard to electives, the MMS Certificate gives students the freedom to take classes that span a variety of different departments. For example, I took a MMS elective in Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies called Women at Work: Gendered Experience of Corporate Life. My two core courses, on the other hand, were both under the Sociology department.

3. Further, students are allowed to count two MMS courses toward their major. For example, I took Consumer Psychology and and am currently taking Social Psychology of Business, which count as two MMS electives, as well as electives for my Psychology Major.

4. Students can even take certain classes abroad for MMS credit. My junior fall, I studied abroad in Sydney, Australia and my favorite class, Foundations of Business Law, was approved to count as an MMS elective back at Duke.

5. Finally, and most importantly, the MMS professors genuinely care about their students. I took my Senior Capstone, which was my favorite class at Duke, last semester with George Grody. Grody is the perfect example of a professor who wants you to do well in class, but is also more than willing to help outside of class with interview, job, or general life questions. While college is the time to learn new things, it is important not to overlook the significance of building relationships with professors who you look up to and who help mold you into the young adult you are today.