Reilly Walsh: My MMS Experience


When I got to Duke, I was unsure to what I wanted to do in the future. After learning about several different majors and certificate programs, I found the Markets and Management Studies certificate perfect for what I hoped to gain from my experience here. When I began to ask around, I found that the MMS program was extremely beneficial in helping Duke students become prepared for their future endeavors.

 I knew about all the prerequisites that a Duke student had to take before graduating and some, but not all gained my attention. After my freshman year, I decided to take an MMS course and fell in love with the material. The professors all wanted to help me reach my full potential and taught me vital skills that I hope to utilize in the future. For example, Professors Sam Veraldi and Ed Tiryakian, both have professional knowledge in finance and have taught for several years. These two individuals introduced me to the subject of markets and management and have helped me along my Duke journey. Each of the courses I have taken, like Managerial Effectiveness, Managerial Finance, Financial Accounting, and my capstone have helped me become a more knowledgeable student who can have in-depth conversations with people who are extremely intelligent.

There are so many different ways a student can approach their academic career; however I believe that mixing political, economic, and social courses has helped me become a better individual and academic. Using my Political Science background and MMS courses, I feel ready for what comes ahead. From Public Speaking to Managerial Accounting, I have broadened my academic abilities and been placed in positions outside of my comfort zone.

These courses over my academic career have exponentially helped me become a better student. My professors and co-students have developed my knowledge in many ways I did not think would happen on my first at Duke. I am excited to recognize when my future courses influence my professional and student career.